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A merchant account is included in Hips services.

If actual fees resulting from processing activity don’t meet or exceed the minimum amount of £0.00, Hips will charge however much is necessary to meet the minimum.

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Payouts to count on
Payments are automatically deducted from your bank account on a weekly basis with 7 days delay. Your first payment will be held two weeks extra for security reasons. If your Hips credit is less than 20 EUR, the money will be paid the next week if the credit exceeds 20 EUR. Hips always deducts their fees on your payment. All stated fees are always excl. VAT.
Invoice & Part payment
With Hips, you can easily offer your customers to pay after 14 days (pay later option)), or pay in installments for several months, but you will be paid directly by us. We buy the invoice directly and take all credit risk. As easy and easy as card payments for you. The invoice is sent to the customer via email, but if you prefer, you can print it and send it together with the customer's order.
International payments
International payments
Start accepting the largest international payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, MasterPass, PayPal, Maestro, Discover, JCB, etc. Hips constantly adds to new local payment methods. Let your customers on the other side of the world pay with their local payment methods.
Multi currencies
Multi currencies
In United Kingdom, you can receive and accept payments in over 100 currencies in your online store. The fee is always the same, but if currency exchange occurs, a surcharge of 2% will be charged in addition to the current exchange rate.
Easy accounting
Easy accounting
At Hips, you always have access to real-time data. Link Hips to your accounting program for easy-to-book accounting, free of charge.
Disputes complaints
Disputes & Complaints
A complaint advertised by the consumer is called internationally as a "chargeback". A chargeback is not to be confused with a return "refund" which is a completely normal refund. Hips is actively working to identify and block suspected fraud, but if a complaint is still made, Hips charges 15 EUR per claim. Can you prove that the customer has ordered you will be refunded this fee.